Babblings of an aging geek in love with the Absurd, his family, and his own hubris.... oh, and Lisp.

Howard Abrams

What can I say, but welcome to my web site. If you have discovered this page, you must be lost.

Technical Notes

Software engineer by trade, I blog on about technical information like:

Emacs Clojure Java JavaScript Linux Other Stuff


Are you looking for…

  • A senior engineer specializing in Cloud DevOps, but also with extensive web application experience?
  • A soup-to-nuts developer who can deploy applications with Ansible or Chef, or even creating jQuery plugins?
  • A project manager who can guide a team using Agile methodologies?

Feel free to contact me or view my resume.

Follow Me!?

Once upon a time, I was part of a startup that aggregated all social networks into one application (like Pidgin does for IMs). After not bothering with Orkut, or MySpace, I’m down to the following:

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